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Bob Dylan in King of the Hill

this one’s not as good but sort of related to the Dylan we’re talking about now.

Bob Dylan on The Simpsons

stumbled upon this the other day

Rolling Stone’s 50 greatest live acts right now.


Leonard Cohen came in at 26. 

maggie’s farm cover

When we took the exam last week, this version of the song came to mind while I was filling out the lyric identification section. I literally sang the lyrics in Zach de la Rocha’s voice. This was actually the first Dylan song I ever heard. I was probably fifteen or sixteen at the time. I was also crazy about muse and RATM back then. Speaking of which, I also found a video back in high school of Muse covering the riff RATM guitarist Tom Morelo used for this song. Just thought I’d share.

Also, if you’ve read this far and are a bit confused..RATM=rage against the machine.

“Strike another match, go start anew”

This is a cover of “It’s all over now, Baby Blue” done by Van Morrison’s band Them. Of the covers I’ve listened to thus far, this has to be my favorite. I also read on some trivia account on twitter that listening to “sad” songs can help to lift one’s spirits. In this particular instance, I think that this claim is definitely true. Enjoy.