Number One “Goon” – A.J. Weberman

We were reading in Chronicles Part Three about Dylan’s frustration while living in Woodstock with the “dropouts, moochers, goons, scarecrows, and stragglers” that would lurk around his home and family. I read this part with a bit of apprehension… Why didn’t Dylan just pack up and retreat somewhere off the radar, say, Central or South America? But after I watched this clip on YouTube about A.J. Weberman, I began to feel for Dylan…This dude staked-out Dylan’s place for years, digging through his trash and bombarding him with phone calls and threats. All of this was apparently before the “stalking laws” that are on the books now to keep these kinds of folks at bay with restraining orders, etc. But watching this led me think, again, that Dylan could have “disappeared” somewhere if he really wanted to. He had the dough, certainly…What do you guys think?

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