Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964)

My first Bob Dylan record album.

Hey guys! So I was out in my natural habitat yesterday (vintage shops), and I came across this Another Side of Bob Dylan vinyl record. I decided to start collecting records back when I was sixteen on a birthday trip I’d taken to the Freemont area of Seattle. It started with a Beatles and a David Bowie album. When I got back to Texas, I got myself a record player!

On this occasion, I wasn’t particularly looking for Dylan records, but since I’ve been so wrapped up in all things Dylan with this class, it got my attention.

What sold me on it was that “To Ramona” was on the track listing and I really like that song. But also, this song I’d never heard before called “Motorpsycho Nightmare” was listed and well, wow, what a title for a song! I’m listening to “Motorpsycho Nightmare” right now and tells quite a story. You should give that song a whirl if you haven’t before! Anyway, the details I could gather so far about this album is that it’s his 4th studio album from 1964 and that he had premiered a bunch of these songs at the Newport Folk Festival in 64′ which you might know about having had rather controversial reception. It makes me wonder how Dylan felt when it was coming out to the masses.

I think it’s a great start to the Bob Dylan section of my collection! On this vintage shopping escapade, I also bought my second Grateful Dead album – the very first one they put out in 1967! For seven bucks too and in great condition.

I haven’t even had time to listen to it yet since I’ve been caught up with school and stuff.

But em, yeah! Thought I’d share this. 🙂


3 responses to “Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964)

  • michiko

    Loving “Motorpsycho Nightmare”!

  • dohertys115thdream

    For the Dead, best thing might be to use your time machine, go back, say, 30-40 years, and catch a couple of live shows. (Their studio made albums never their strongest suit).

    • Sasha Henry

      Ah, I know! Though it still means something to me to have Dead records. I’ve had friends send me bootleg versions of performances where the sound is just something else. I also have listened to a copy of their Europe 72′ tour which is all live recordings. Yeah, get me a time machine and I’d follow them around like a real Dead head. Haha. I’d bet this time machine would be in the form of a VW bus too.

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