Joan Baez

Well I’m not sure about everybody else but after watching the movie the other day I am now obsessed with Joan Baez. In fact, I’m ashamed I had never even heard of her before. Her voice was beautiful, clear, strong, and I thought is was amazing! So, naturally, I’ve been on YouTube checking out her songs. Just in case anybody else liked what they heard here are some more links to her stuff:

Here is her in concert in 1965:

And her singing Blowing in the Wind:

So moving! That’s all I’ve got for now.


2 responses to “Joan Baez

  • billjfromaustin

    Joan Baez was an early proponent of Dylan’s work – a fan and a friend who recorded many of his songs. In fact, her fourth album for Vanguard records (Joan Baez in Concert, Part Two, 1963) included two Dylan covers, and Any Day Now (1968) was an entire album of Dylan tunes; sixteen in all. I’m a long-time Baez fan, and had that title in vinyl, once upon a time. It got away from me somewhere along the way, but my current CD collection includes a repackaging of those old recordings, along with four others, under the title Baez sings Dylan (Vanguard, 1998). Worth a listen if you get the chance.

    Baez and Dylan performed together frequently during the mid-’60s, and were also romantically involved, but split up right about the time Dylan “went electric” at Newport in 1965. Although they worked together again in the mid-’70s, it was never the same.

    As a side note: Baez continues to make some terrific music.

  • jonathanquintanilla

    Get out!! I had the same exact reaction after watching the film and youtubing her..

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